The Project is developed by the Science Team and by the Project Office.

The Science Advisory Team (SAT), chaired by the Project Scientist, defines the science objectives of the instruments.
The SAT is responsible for all matters that concern the science cases for the instrument.

Project Scientist: Roberto Maiolino (UK, Univ. Cambridge)

The SAT is organized in 4 Working Groups:
Exoplanets & Circumstellar Disks - Coordinator: Enric Palle (ES, IAC); Deputy: Christoph Lovis (CH, Obs. Geneva)
Stars and Stellar Populations - Coordinator: Carlos Allende (ES, Univ. La Laguna); Deputy: Andreas Korn (S, Univ. Uppsala)
Formation and Evolution of Galaxies and Intergalactic Medium - Coordinator: Valentina D'Odorico (IT, INAF); Deputy: Erik Zackrisson (S, Univ. Uppsala)
Cosmology and Fundamental Physics - Coordinator: Jochen Liske (D, Univ. Hamburg); Deputy: Carlos Martins (PT, Univ. Porto)

The Project Office encompasses all technical and programmatic activities of the HIRES technical development.
The Project Manager leads the Project Office that is composed, during the Phase A, of Instrument Scientist, System Engineer, Software System Engineer.

Project Manager: Paolo Di Marcantonio (IT, INAF)
Deputy: Eric Stempels (S, Univ. Uppsala)
Deputy: David Lunney (UK, UK-ATC)
Deputy: Driss Kouach (FR, Obs. Midi-Pyrénées)

System Engineer: Marco Riva (IT, INAF)
Deputy: Alexandre Cabral (PT, Univ. Lisboa)
Deputy: Santiago Becerril (ES, IAA)
Deputy: Bruno Chazelas (CH, Obs. Geneva)
Deputy: Eernesto Oliva (IT, INAF)
Deputy: Marco Xompero (IT, INAF)

Software System Engineer: Manuel Monteiro (PT, Univ. Porto)
Deputy: Roberto Cirami (IT, INAF)

Instrument Scientist: Livia Origlia (IT, INAF)
Deputy: Pedro Amado (ES, IAA)
Deputy: Micheal Weber (D, AIP)
Deputy: Francois Bouchy (CH, Obs. Geneva)